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I love doing my thing while someone else is in the room doing their thing. Like if you come over and you want to sit by the window and read while I sit on the floor drawing something and listening to a cd that would be very nice.

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knight of blood, revisited

ah yesss

im dyingggggff

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someone better hold me back because i am literally two steps from punching my stepdad in the throat

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mutantkankri answered: dave/aradia as jedi??

It’s rarepairs week!
The two of them have died so many times that they keep meeting in dream bubbles and they have even more of an eternity to shit around then ghosts usually do and now there are thousands of ghost Daves and Aradias who are elite cosplaying ninjas. Cannon fact.
Also, Dave’s legendary piece of shit “Toys ‘R’ Us” lightsaber is broken. I feel you Dave. I think we all have a few of those.
Dave is always Obi-Wan. Aradia is always Mace-Windu. Aradia says Dave should take off his sunglasses. Dave says Aradia should shave her head.